Spiritual Life and Intuitive Business Coach, coaches spiritual entrepreneurs to manifest a purposeful and fulfilling abundant life.

Hello I’m Ani

I’m a Spiritual Life and Intuitive Business Coach. I coach aspiring Spiritual Entrepreneurs around the world manifest a fulfilling and abundant life and business.

Beyond that, I’m also a Reiki Practitioner, Speaker, Content Creator, an aspiring author, and a lover of all things spiritual.

My SOUL PURPOSE (Or WHY I’m put on this Universe) is to empower and inspire ambitious goal getters to connect with their authentic selves, align with soul purpose so that they can create a life where they are excited to wake up in the morning and start their day because their dreams of freedom, joy and peace is NOW their reality.

Above all else…

I’m a world traveler, a lover of freedom, and a girl who had a dream and one day decided to make that dream come true.


I Decided to listen

For the most part of my life, I felt misunderstood because I saw the world differently then others.

Everyone around me follow the path of traditional careers but there was a part of me that kept fighting it. So, every time someone asked me what my major was or what I wanted to do as a career, the answer would change.

BUT since I couldn’t figure it out, I followed the opportunities that came. I was offered a job right after college in a 9-5 job where I was be right in the middle of coordinating the supply chain.

I worked and did the job well but I WAS MISERABLE.

I felt drained, anxious and depressed. I would cry at my desk then go back home and start all over again. I hated where I was. Even my love life was in shambles.

That was when I had my spiritual awakening.

After a tragic heartbreak, there was a feeling. A small feeling that kept coming back. The feeling of there must be something more than this. The feeling of life has to be better than this. The feeling of I CAN change my life.

So I decided to follow the feeling. Thats when I started learning about Law of Attraction, Reiki and even had a Shaman Coach.

The more I learned the more I questioned if I was on the right path. So I got another job, I followed what many would do. After a short time, the feeling came back again.

Something did not feel right.

I cried. This time it was worse. I cried at my desk constantly. I was so stressed BUT I was also handling multimillion dollar accounts, worked with millionaires and even got BIG raises. To the outside world, I was doing great but on the inside, I was worse than ever.

Thats when I hit rock bottom.


I decided to take a leap

After I hit rock bottom, I began to search for myself. Who I am and what I wanted. I solo traveled the world and dived head first into the world of spirituality. Through yoga and meditation was able to listen to that tiny feeling, which was my intuition, and I kept following it.

My intuition led me to a retreat in the Andes mountain in South America, where I prayed for a different career something that resonated with me, something that aligned with my soul. The Shaman at the retreat came up to me and told me to let go of the past and that it was time for my inner goddess to shine.

I came back and started to remember my passion for helping people and making a difference in people’s lives. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but my limiting beliefs held me back. I didn’t know anyone who did it, and I didn’t know how.

All I knew was my dreams, to vacation wherever whenever I want, to make money any where any time, to write books and to speak around the world.

I was scared but I was also determined to live the life of my dreams.

So I decided to take a leap. I started investing in courses, coaches, and surrounded myself with role models, mentors, 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs as I learned all I can about business. I invested in myself, in my dreams.

Today, I help out other ambitious dreamers just like you, to make that dream a reality and to take ACTION to create the life and business that you can be excited about because you are now living your purpose, your passion.

it’s time for your dreams to turn into reality.

Ready to take the leap?