In the spirit of the new Avengers Endgame Movie, What are your superpowers? Name your top 3 superpowers. These are your strengths, your gifts. These superpowers come so naturally for you that you probably don’t realize you are doing it and some times even forget about it.

Highlight your strengths. It is so common to just focus on the weaknesses that we forget to highlight our strengths. When we highlight our strengths, our superpowers, we can live our best lives. We can show the world that we are good at it and that makes us feel so good. That is why super heroes only show the world their strengths. They know what makes them special and so they show it to the world by serving people.

Take a page out of their book and highlight the strengths that you have. Focus on what your gifts are. Redirect yourself to your gifts and show them to the world!

For example,

Mine is that I am intuitive, have a high emotional intelligence, and being adaptive.

So lets break it down.

Super Power #1 I am Intuitive.

When I work with clients, I listen to what they are telling me but I know what they are really telling me. It’s as if somehow I know exactly what’s going on and many times I ask my client, to confirm if this what it is. 100% of the time it always is. I can hear the break though in my clients voice because it is as if a higher power came through me and allowed me to tell my client exactly what he needed to know to get him past that block. I have also been told this by many of my friends that I am highly intuitive.

Super Power #2 I have a High Level of Emotional Intelligence

Not only am I empathic but I am also highly aware of my emotions. Yes, I am that girl that cries at every sad movie or every weddings. I can feel someone emotions through text or phone calls. I know how my emotions are coming through and what tone I am using. Its as if I have a PHD in emotions.

Super Power #3 I am Adaptive

I have noticed that when I am taught something, I learn it pretty quickly. If things change, I am able to change and adapt pretty quickly. Such as if I have a new job, I’m able to adjust to the new job with no resistance. Its as if change has nothing on me.

These are the strengths that I have. Clearly I have thought this through. So WHAT are your superpowers? Start highlighting your superpowers and share them with the world!

If you are wondering what they are, start by answering these questions below.

*What are some skills people in your life have told you that you are good at?

*What are some skills that you are attracted to or is interested about?

*What are some skills that you are comfortable with?

Once you have a couple of skills down, go one by one and ask yourself if this is true for you.

GO now and serve the world. You super hero you.